Real Employment Law Advice: Empowering Women in the Workplace and Beyond

Real Employment Law Advice: A Firm with a Purpose

Real Employment Law Advice, spearheaded by Alison Colley, Managing Director & Solicitor, represents a paradigm shift in the legal field. Originating from Alison’s desire for a flexible work-life balance, the Firm was founded to break free from the traditional corporate and solicitor practice constraints. Today, it stands as a beacon of innovation and empathy in employment law and HR advice.

Ethos and Values: Equality, Empathy, and Kindness

The Firm operates under a mission to improve the world of work for everyone. With an ethos rooted in sharing knowledge and best practices, Real Employment Law Advice extends its services with the care and understanding one would offer to a friend or family member. Their core values of equality, empathy, and kindness underpin every aspect of their work.

Championing Inspirational Women: A Dedication to Sponsorship

Real Employment Law Advice’s involvement in the Inspirational Women of Portsmouth Awards, first in 2020 and now in 2024, stems from a deep-seated belief in lifting up women. The team, predominantly composed of women with personal experiences of inequality, sees the sponsorship as a significant way to support and celebrate the achievements of women and girls in Portsmouth.

Empowering Local Women: Networking and Support Initiatives

Apart from legal services, the Firm has been instrumental in founding and running a women’s networking and support group on the Isle of Wight for nearly a decade. This initiative fosters a community of women who share stories, inspiration, and support. Additionally, they collaborate with employers to advocate for better workplace practices and equality for women in the region.

A Message to Nominees and Attendees

“To the nominees, congratulations on this fantastic achievement. Let this recognition inspire your future endeavours. Attendees, seize this opportunity to support and draw inspiration from the remarkable women in our community,” shares Alison Colley.

Supporting Women in the Workplace

Real Employment Law Advice extends its support to women facing workplace challenges related to maternity, pregnancy, menopause, and sexual harassment. The Firm is dedicated to advising businesses on promoting equality and equity for women, ensuring a supportive and fair work environment.

Join the Celebration with Real Employment Law Advice

As we gear up for the Pamodzi Creatives Inspirational Women of Portsmouth Awards 2024, let’s acknowledge the significant role of Real Employment Law Advice in empowering women in the workplace and beyond. Their commitment to equality and empathy makes them more than just a law firm; they are champions of positive change.

Secure your tickets now at and be a part of an event that celebrates the power and resilience of women, proudly supported by Real Employment Law Advice.