Inspirational Women of Portsmouth


What we do

Pamodzi creates inspirational spaces that facilitate creativity and challenges social inequalities.

Our 3 Main focus areas are:

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The name Pamodzi is a reflection of the founder’s Zambian-British roots. Pamodzi is a bantu word that means together.

Some words from our community

“An endorsement of the power and achievements of the women in Portsmouth. It needs more celebration and recognition in Portsmouth and further afield!”

Inspirational Women of Portsmouth Awards Attendee

“This was a really fun, lively, entertaining, and at many points very moving evening. Loved all the entertainment. Kim’s keynote speech was excellent, and reminded everyone of the importance of women working together and supporting each other”

Inspirational Women of Portsmouth Awards Participant

“It was brilliant! The hosts were fantastic! The venue was brilliant and the food delicious. The entertainment was next level. I feel so proud to have been a part of it and think this is the best event of the year for our city. “

Inspirational Women of Portsmouth Awards Attendee

‘We have the privilege of belonging to a blended, multicultural family in Portsmouth and all the idiosyncrasies this embodies…we are one big family absolutely committed to an equal and just society, and we loved being part of a photo shoot trying to spread the same message!”

Celebrating Cultural Diversity Participant

“I have learnt  about time management and what it is like to accomplish tasks that I have been set. I have also had the chance to express my creative and artistic skills, and this has helped me become more confident. It has really taught me to ensure i have thought of everything in all aspects, and that teamwork really can make a dream work. I have met some amazing people throughout this experience, and I feel I have learnt a lot about how to become a successful woman, not only in a career aspect, but on a personal level as well” 

Pamodzi Creatives Apprentice

“The project made me realise that every person has a story to tell, its only when are given such platforms like this that you realise we are all overcomers….after sharing my story I was amazed by the feedback from mums who related to the same issues I went through”

“Brilliant work, I will definitely be attending next year! It made me [feel] really special to be a part of this incredible city. I didn’t appreciate Portsmouth so much before the event, now I LOVE IT!”

Inspirational Women of Portsmouth Attendee

“I have attended ceremonies in the past and this was outstanding! I was entertained, I was fed and overwhelmed by the beauty of the attendees!”

Inspirational Women of Portsmouth Awards Attendee


Now in its 6th year, the Pamodzi Inspirational Women of Portsmouth Awards celebrates inspirational women in our community.

We use the term ‘Award Recipients’ for those who take home an award on the night, as we recognise that behind every woman or girl making a positive impact to her community, there is a tribe of people supporting her in different ways, and the Award is the product of a whole tribe.

As well as raising money for Endometriosis South Coast, our pre-award event, the Ubuntu Afternoon Tea Party hosted at the Queens Hotel, celebrates all award nominees.


Pamodzi Creatives, with the invested support from local photography and videography production teams, aims to celebrate the cultural diversity of Portsmouth. Using storytelling and media to lean into challenging conversations and inspiring people to listen, to challenge perceptions and bring people within our community together. 

We strive to provide a safe space for topical discussion and support self-expression through the medium of creative arts. 

Our projects aim to engage people who may not usually do so due to perceived barriers; To provide a platform for under-represented communities to share that which is important to them, their life experiences and what gave them strength to overcome adversity.  

 We facilitate creative collaborations with key practitioners and stakeholders. Using our expertise and passion we develop inclusive projects and programmes that focus on wellbeing, that reduce social isolation and that respond to the changing needs of our City, forming a deeper connection within our community.

Creative Schools

Our Creative Schools work facilitates creative expression inspired by the curriculum and the young people in our community.