The Guildhall Trust: A Cornerstone of Culture and Empowerment at Portsmouth Guildhall


Portsmouth Guildhall: A Historical and Cultural Icon

Nestled in the heart of Portsmouth, the Portsmouth Guildhall stands as an emblem of the city’s rich heritage and cultural vibrancy. Originally constructed in 1890, this iconic venue encapsulates a journey through time, from its Victorian roots to its present-day status under the stewardship of The Guildhall Trust. Formed in 2010 as the Portsmouth Cultural Trust and evolving into a registered charity in 2013, The Guildhall Trust rebranded in 2019, continuing its mission to promote arts and culture in the city. Beyond its cultural significance, the Guildhall is committed to sustainable venue management and active community engagement. These principles are at the forefront of operations, ensuring that the venue preserves its historical legacy while also positively contributing to the environmental and social fabric of Portsmouth.. As Gemma Rigby, Senior Conference & Events Coordinator, puts it, “Portsmouth Guildhall isn’t just a venue; it’s a historical landmark that represents the culture and spirit of Portsmouth, committed to a sustainable and inclusive future.”


Values and Vision: Inspiring Through Culture

The Guildhall Trust’s commitment extends beyond managing an event space. Their vision is to leverage arts and culture as transformative tools, fostering growth, sustainability, and a tangible social impact. By channelling proceeds from events into initiatives like the Guildhall Renaissance and Get Involved community programming, the Trust actively cultivates a landscape where arts and culture thrive.


Empowering Inspirational Women: A Commitment to Sponsorship

The Guildhall Trust is proud to announce its sponsorship of the Inspirational Women of Portsmouth Awards 2024. This event aligns with the organisation’s ethos of inspiration and community engagement, serving as a celebration of the remarkable women in Portsmouth and recognizing their great achievements.


Supporting Women in Portsmouth: A Multifaceted Approach

The Guildhall Trust’s dedication to supporting women in the city manifests through a variety of initiatives. From hosting the largest family-friendly comic convention, Portsmouth Comic Con, to fostering creative talents through Dance Live! and other initiatives like UVG and RECHARGE, the Trust ensures women of all ages have platforms for expression, growth, and recognition. These efforts, including the ‘Tickets for the Community’ scheme, underscore the Trust’s commitment to making arts and culture accessible to all.


Celebratory Words from Gemma Rigby

Gemma Rigby shares her enthusiasm: “We’re honoured to support the Inspirational Women of Portsmouth Awards. It’s not just about a single night of celebration but about year-round empowerment and recognition of the women who make Portsmouth such a dynamic and vibrant city.”


Discover the Versatility of Portsmouth Guildhall

Portsmouth Guildhall, managed by The Guildhall Trust, is more than a historic building; it’s an iconic and versatile venue that caters to a range of events. From a grand auditorium seating 2,000 people to intimate spaces ideal for meetings and dinners, the Guildhall offers a perfect backdrop for any occasion, all while supporting the city’s cultural and charitable endeavours.


Join the Celebration at Portsmouth Guildhall

Step into the world of Portsmouth Guildhall for the Pamodzi Inspirational Women of Portsmouth Awards. Secure your tickets and be part of an event that celebrates the achievements of women in our community, hosted in a venue that is a testament to Portsmouth’s cultural legacy.