Welcome to the world of Phoenix Photography, where capturing beauty and empowering women is at the forefront of the mission. Behind this successful photography enterprise stands the visionary and talented founder, Debbie Fowler. With a passion for photography and a drive to help others heal, Debbie has created a space where women can feel safe, seen, and celebrated.

Phoenix Photography is a growing enterprise that aims to help women heal from their traumas and gain emotional freedom and confidence. The founder, Debbie Fowler, who also works in finance and mortgages, started the company after experiencing the power of ancestral healing and combining this with her passion for photography.

Having always had an interest in photography, Debbie began to hone her skills and soon started to photograph friends and family, eventually sharing her work on social media. Debbie received an overwhelming response from women who wanted to learn to see themselves in a different light and start their healing journey.

In 2022, Debbie took an ancestral healing course to better guide others on their journey to healing. Through this experience, she has seen the transformation that can occur when women take back control and break the cycle of trauma.

Debbie believes that by healing ancestral trauma, not only the past and present, but the future can be healed as well. It is a crucial and challenging process, and there is always support available for those who embark on it. Time and circumstances are considered two of the most powerful warriors. They shape an individual and can also break any curses that may exist. By embracing this philosophy, one can break free from the past and forge a better future.

Many who have been labelled as the “black sheep” of their family have become self-healers and broken the cycle of generational curses, guilt, and shame, paving the way for a better future for their lineage” Debbie Fowler

Debbie is a shining light of this journey and the power women hold inside.

The mission of Phoenix Photography is to provide a safe space for women to heal and grow, using the founder’s lived experience and knowledge to guide them. The company has become a dedicated advocate for women and serves clients from all over Hampshire.

A huge thank you to Debbie for sponsoring the Inspirational Role Model award and supporting the work of Pamodzi Creatives.

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