Meet our Trailblazers: Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion at the Inspirational Women of Portsmouth Awards

The role of a trailblazer for the Inspirational Women of Portsmouth Awards is both pivotal and profound. As the individuals entrusted with the task of reviewing nominations, trailblazers bear the responsibility of identifying and highlighting the finalists and recipients among a diverse array of inspiring women. These trailblazers, through their unique perspectives and dedicated scrutiny, ensure that the awards truly reflect the remarkable achievements and contributions of women across Portsmouth. By bringing a range of experiences and insights to the selection process, trailblazers help to ensure that the awards are a celebration of genuine impact, bravery, and innovation. Their role is not just about selecting winners; it’s about recognising the stories of perseverance, contribution, and transformation that resonate within the community, thereby setting a powerful example of inspiration and leadership for all.


Introducing Tally and Portsmouth Pride

Meet Tally, the Chair of the Board of Trustees for Portsmouth Pride, an organisation celebrated for its dedication to inclusivity and authenticity. Portsmouth Pride, a volunteer-led charity since 2018, stands out for its commitment to keeping Pride free and unfenced, emphasising the importance of breaking down societal barriers.


Portsmouth Pride: A Beacon of Inclusivity

Founded on the principles of creating an inclusive environment for LGBTQ+ individuals in Portsmouth, Pride’s ethos is about more than just a day on Southsea common. It’s about fostering a city where everyone can be their true selves, achieved through year-round community outreach, collaborative efforts for more inclusive workplaces, and their landmark annual event.


A Queer Lens on Trailblazing

Tally’s involvement as a trailblazer for The Inspirational Women of Portsmouth Awards 2024 brings a vital queer perspective to the selection process. Motivated by the desire for visible representation and diversity, Tally underscores the importance of inclusivity within the awards, mirroring Pamodzi’s commitment to celebrating all women.


Supporting Inspirational Women Through a Diverse Lens

For Tally and Portsmouth Pride, supporting the awards aligns perfectly with their mission to uplift women facing intersectional challenges. This initiative is a powerful platform to honour and celebrate women from diverse backgrounds and experiences, highlighting the organisation’s broader commitment to inclusivity.


Promoting Inclusivity Across Portsmouth

In every endeavour, Tally ensures inclusivity extends to all women, advocating for a conversation that embraces both cis and trans women. This approach is reflective of Portsmouth Pride’s overarching goal to create spaces where everyone feels valued and included.


A Message of Celebration and Courage

“We celebrate the women who are making a difference to the people around them. Who have been brave enough to share with us their stories and what they have overcome to reach their goals and aspirations,” shares Tally. This sentiment captures the essence of the Inspirational Women of Portsmouth Awards: a celebration of achievement, resilience, and the power of community.


Beyond the Trailblazer Role

Tally’s journey from civil engineering to project management in the construction industry highlights the challenges and progress within traditionally male-dominated fields. Her personal and professional experiences underscore the transformative impact of recognizing women’s contributions, both within the LGBTQ+ community and the broader societal context.


Embrace the Power of Inclusion with Portsmouth Pride and Pamodzi

As we celebrate the achievements and stories of the incredible women of Portsmouth, let’s continue to champion the values of diversity and inclusion that Tally and Portsmouth Pride bring to the forefront of the Inspirational Women of Portsmouth Awards. Join us in celebration by following us on social media @pamodzi_creatives. Stay tuned for updates, highlights from the awards, and stories of inspiration that remind us of the strength found in our diverse community. Together, we make Portsmouth a place where everyone’s authentic self is not just welcomed, but celebrated.