Shipa Ahmed Khan: Bridging Communities and Championing Health Equality in Portsmouth

Empowering Women through Trailblazing Initiatives

The role of a trailblazer for the Inspirational Women of Portsmouth Awards is instrumental in illuminating the endeavours and successes of extraordinary women within the city. These individuals, through their discernment and commitment, identify and celebrate the outstanding contributions of women across various sectors. Shipa Ahmed Khan, in her multifaceted roles at Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust, the Portsmouth Bangladesh Business Association (PBBA), and Work Better Innovations (WBI), exemplifies the essence of a trailblazer. Her work not only addresses health inequalities and supports local businesses and migrant communities but also underscores the importance of recognising and uplifting women who are making a difference in Portsmouth.

Introducing Shipa Ahmed Khan and Her Multifaceted Roles

Shipa Ahmed Khan, with her expansive experience in community work and her role as the Health Inequalities Lead for Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust, stands at the forefront of connecting the hospital to the local community. Her mission is to bring marginalised voices into the conversation to tackle health issues effectively. As the Vice Chair of the Portsmouth Bangladesh Business Association and an advisor for Work Better Innovations, Shipa’s commitment extends to supporting local businesses, fostering international trade, and aiding migrant communities in their journey towards employment.

A Commitment to Community and Health Equity

Shipa’s role as the Health Inequalities Lead was inaugurated 17 months ago, reflecting a proactive response to the health disparities faced by Portsmouth residents. Her leadership in this new role aims to bridge gaps between the hospital and the community, ensuring health services are accessible and equitable. Through her involvement with PBBA and WBI, Shipa champions the empowerment of local businesses and migrant communities, offering training, education, and employment support.


Supporting Inspirational Women and the Community

Shipa’s decision to support the Inspirational Women of Portsmouth Awards as a trailblazer stems from a desire to shine a spotlight on women contributing significantly to the community’s welfare. The awards serve not just as a platform for recognition but also as a catalyst for motivating and uniting the community in support of women’s achievements.

A Message of Inspiration and Empowerment

Having engaged with the Portsmouth community for over two decades, Shipa has encountered numerous women who embody resilience and inspiration. Her message to all women is one of encouragement and solidarity: “YOU are inspirational, you are unique, always be true to yourself, know your value, support one another, and shine in whatever you choose to do.” This ethos reflects the core of what being a trailblazer for the awards entails—acknowledging the indomitable spirit of women who strive to make a difference.