National Education Union Portsmouth: Empowering Education and Women in Our Community

The National Education Union Portsmouth: A Union with a Purpose

National Education Union Portsmouth, part of the largest education union in the UK, has a rich history that began with the amalgamation of NUT (founded in 1870) and ATL in 2017. This Union is not just a collective voice for educators, it’s a dynamic force driving improvements in working conditions and shaping an inclusive education system for all.

Ethos and Impact: Championing Education and Equality

At its heart, the National Education Union Portsmouth is committed to a powerful ethos: advocating for educators, championing equal opportunities in education, and fostering an environment where every member’s voice is heard and valued. Their influence extends beyond the classroom, playing a pivotal role in shaping policies and practices that benefit educators and students alike.

Sponsoring Inspirational Women: A Reflection of Values

The decision to sponsor an award at the Inspirational Women of Portsmouth Awards 2024 is a natural extension of the Union’s values. For the National Education Union Portsmouth, supporting the Awards mirrors their commitment to uplifting and recognizing the extraordinary contributions of women across the City.

Supporting Women in Education and Beyond

National Education Union Portsmouth’s dedication to supporting women manifests in several ways. With an Equalities and Women’s Officer on their Portsmouth committee, they actively engage in and support local charities and events. Their initiatives provide vital networking opportunities and promote the empowerment of women in education and the wider Portsmouth community.

A Message to the Nominees and Attendees

“We stand with you in celebrating the achievements and contributions of Portsmouth’s inspirational women. Your dedication to education and our community is a beacon of hope and progress. Congratulations to each nominee for your invaluable impact,” shares Alison Knight from National Education Union Portsmouth.

Join the Celebration with National Education Union Portsmouth

As we look forward to the Pamodzi Creatives Inspirational Women of Portsmouth Awards, let’s acknowledge the significant role of organisations like National Education Union Portsmouth in fostering a community of support and recognition. Their commitment to education and women’s empowerment is a testament to the power of collective action and advocacy.

Buy your tickets now at and join us in celebrating the inspirational women of our community, in an event proudly supported by National Education Union Portsmouth.