Lwazi Data Solutions: Pioneering Data Excellence and Empowering Women in STEM


Introducing Vanessa van Gelder and Lwazi Data Solutions

We’re proud to announce Vanessa van Gelder and her venture, Lwazi Data Solutions, as a distinguished sponsor of the Inspirational Women of Portsmouth Awards 2024. Vanessa embarked on creating Lwazi Data Solutions with a vision to offer independence from the traditional employment model, passionate about insightful and impactful data and analytics solutions with her innovative and value-driven approach.


A Mission for Independence and Innovation

Lwazi Data Solutions was born from Vanessa’s desire to escape the confines of permanent employment politics and explore a breadth of experiences within the data industry. Her ambition was not just to start a business but to revolutionise how data solutions are perceived and implemented across various sectors.


Ethos and Values: Driving a Data Culture

Vanessa’s ethos centres around focusing on value-driven solutions and fostering a data culture that educates and empowers. Lwazi Data Solutions stands committed to delivering best practice solutions, with a keen focus on mentoring younger people in particular women on how to navigate the technical world of data, as well as how to bring their singing and dancing selves to the situation through all the challenges.


Championing Women in STEM

Vanessa’s sponsorship of the Inspirational Women of Portsmouth Awards underscores a critical message: the importance of female visibility in STEM careers. She recognizes the significant gap that exists for women in technical fields and believes that one of the barriers is the underestimation of their own capabilities by women themselves. Through her support, Vanessa aims to inspire and motivate women to see themselves as capable of excelling in technical and data-driven roles.


Beyond Business: Mentoring Future Leaders

While Lwazi Data Solutions’ reach extends beyond Portsmouth, Vanessa takes pride in mentoring individuals aspiring to make their mark in the data and STEM fields. Her mentorship extends a guiding hand to those outside her immediate geographical location, underscoring her commitment to empowering women across the spectrum.


A Message of Empowerment and Self-Belief

Vanessa shares a powerful message with the nominees and attendees of the awards: “You don’t need permission or validation to do the things you feel driven to do. Work on self-love every day, and do something small every day that propels you to where you want to go.” This sentiment echoes the essence of the Inspirational Women of Portsmouth Awards – celebrating the courage, determination, and achievements of women who are paving the way for future generations.


Lwazi Data Solutions: Empowering Through Data and Support

Vanessa van Gelder’s Lwazi Data Solutions not only provides exemplary data and analytics solutions but also stands as a beacon of inspiration for women in STEM. The company’s dedication to education, innovation, and empowerment aligns with the goals of the Inspirational Women of Portsmouth Awards, making Vanessa and her business a perfect fit for this sponsorship.


Join Us in Celebrating Inspirational Achievements

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