Claire’s Floristry: A Blossoming Business With a Heart of Gold! We are thrilled to have Claire Lester, founder of Claire’s Floristry supporting the Inspirational Women of Portsmouth Event!

Based in Havant, UK, Claire’s Floristry is a wedding and events florist that has grown from a small gift bouquet shop to a thriving business delivering beautiful blooms for all special occasions. Despite its growth, Claire’s Floristry remains true to its eco-friendly roots, swapping plastic wrapping for luxurious paper and tissue, and using recyclable or reusable arrangement bases made of wood. The business strives to deliver luxurious designs that are as environmentally friendly as possible.

Not only is Claire’s Floristry dedicated to providing stunning floral arrangements, but it is also committed to supporting charitable causes. The business is a proud supporter of Stop Domestic Abuse, and Claire recently took a part-time job with the charity to help with their administration. Her goal is to employ more women to support larger events in the future, as she believes in empowering women and giving them a voice.

Claire is inspired by her mother, who taught her the importance of hard work, running a business, and being humble and kind. She is also inspired by Sarah Roads, the Marine Recruiter, who has been a friend and mentor, and a successful business owner. If Claire could have dinner with any two guests, past or present, she would choose these two women, who fill the room with love, kindness, fun, support, and beauty.

The Covid-19 pandemic was a significant challenge for Claire, but she persevered by quickly converting a caravan into a workroom. Her determination and hard work paid off, and the business has grown to the point where she now operates from a unit to accommodate larger weddings and events.

The nominees of the Pamodzi Inspirational Women of Portsmouth Awards have overcome many challenges, which have inspired them to do what they do. Claire is no exception. She has shown that with hard work and determination, anything is possible. Supporting Pamodzi means a lot to her, as she wants to show other women that they are not alone and that everyone is supporting them.

In conclusion, Claire’s Floristry is a blooming business with a heart of gold. The business is dedicated to providing stunning floral arrangements while being eco-friendly, supporting charitable causes, and empowering women. The story of Claire’s journey, from converting a caravan to a thriving business, is an inspiration to us all.

A huge thank you to Claire who will not only be sponsoring the Sports Award but also providing beautiful blooms for the event!

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