Claire’s Floristry: Blooming with Love and Supporting Women in Portsmouth


Celebrating Claire Lester and Her Flourishing Enterprise

We’re delighted to shine a spotlight on Claire Lester and Claire’s Floristry as one of the proud sponsors of the Inspirational Women of Portsmouth Awards 2024. Starting from humble beginnings in a back room four years ago, Claire’s dreams and designs have blossomed into a thriving business, complete with a studio, a bustling website, and the honour of being the preferred supplier for esteemed local entities like Portsmouth Football Club and Portsmouth Guildhall.


A Journey Rooted in Passion and Sustainability

Claire’s Floristry’s growth story is a testament to hard work, creativity, and a steadfast commitment to eco-friendly practices. From using recyclable materials for their stunning arrangements to meticulously planning delivery routes to minimise carbon footprints, Claire’s business stands as a beacon of environmental consciousness in the floral industry. This dedication to personal service and sustainability reflects the core values of Claire’s Floristry, ensuring every design not only brings joy to its recipient but also contributes positively to the planet.


Supporting Inspirational Women and the Community

Claire’s decision to sponsor the Inspirational Women of Portsmouth Awards stems from a deep belief in the power of women supporting women. Having nurtured her business among some of Portsmouth’s most amazing ladies, Claire’s sponsorship is a celebration of the community that fostered her growth and creativity. Beyond her business, Claire actively supports fellow women entrepreneurs through business advertisement and shared celebrations of success, embodying the spirit of communal uplift and empowerment.


A Heartfelt Message to the Awards’ Nominees and Attendees

Claire extends a message of recognition and encouragement to all nominees and attendees of the awards: “I would like to let them all know that they are loved and seen. Sometimes we get bogged down with our lives and feel like it’s the same all the time, but you are special to many people. One of the best things that ever happened to you is that you’re a woman,” echoing Marilyn Monroe’s words to underscore the unique strength and beauty inherent in womanhood.


Gratitude and Inspiration: The Heart of Claire’s Floristry

Claire’s journey is not just about building a successful business; it’s a story of gratitude and inspiration, shaped by the strong women who have supported her along the way. Her floristry not only serves as a witness to life’s milestones but also stands as a testament to the strength, resilience, and beauty of women everywhere. Through celebrations and farewells, Claire’s designs encapsulate the essence of life’s varied moments, thanking those who have believed in her dream and helped her reach her goals.


Join Us in Celebrating Empowerment and Success

As we approach the Inspirational Women of Portsmouth Awards, let’s join Claire Lester in celebrating the achievements and contributions of women across our community. While tickets for this year’s event have sold out, the journey of recognition and empowerment continues online. Follow the festivities and be inspired by stories of remarkable women making a difference in their fields and communities by staying connected with us on social media @pamodzi_creatives. Together, we honour the strength, creativity, and resilience of women in Portsmouth and beyond.