Pamodzi Creatives is thrilled to introduce award sponsor Health and Care Portsmouth.

Health and Care Portsmouth is an innovative programme sitting under Portsmouth City Council, that aims to integrate health and social care services in Portsmouth to provide residents with the support they need to lead healthy and independent lives. Health Development Manager, Hannah Byrne is responsible for overseeing the implementation of this ambitious programme.

In addition to her work with Health and Care Portsmouth, Hannah is also actively involved in supporting women’s health and empowerment in the city. Speaking about her efforts to empower women in Portsmouth, Hannah says, “Giving women the opportunity to think about what their conception aspirations are and what contraception method is right for them. We aim to give women the freedom of choice with easy access to contraception and support.”

For Hannah, supporting Pamodzi is about celebrating the success of women in Portsmouth and acknowledging the challenges they have overcome. “Celebrating the success of women in Portsmouth, the leaps women have taken over time, and the hurdles they have overcome through supporting each other,” she explains.

When it comes to overcoming challenges, Hannah is passionate about making health services accessible for all, including those with neurodiverse needs. “We do this by producing easy-to-read materials, have video content available to show people how to access the service and we will continue to work towards making the service more accessible to all,” she says.

Hannah draws inspiration from the hard work and dedication of her colleagues in the healthcare sector. Speaking about the individuals who inspire her, Hannah says, “I am inspired by the clinical director within the Solent NHS Trust sexual health service, Clare Scholfield. Clare is hardworking, knowledgeable, committed, and takes pride in innovating and evolving our services. I am also inspired by Alison Freemantle from the Community Pharmacy South Central who has contributed significantly to enabling access to free contraception in 10 community pharmacies in Portsmouth. Last but not least, I am inspired by Debbi Hill from maternity with PHUT who has enabled contraception provision within our locally maternity setting.”

In terms of her most inspirational dinner guest, Hannah would choose Anne Connolly MBE, a healthcare professional who has dedicated her career to supporting women’s health in primary care settings. “Anne’s work to support women’s health within primary care across the country is inspirational. Her passion to support women have the time and space to think about, talk about, and access contraception is great to hear about, so it would be great to discuss this work over dinner to help inform more of the work we do in Portsmouth,” she explains.

Overall, Hannah Byrne’s commitment to health and social care integration and women’s health empowerment is making a significant impact in the Portsmouth community. Her dedication to making healthcare services more accessible and inclusive is inspiring, and her admiration for her colleagues and healthcare professionals is a testament to the hard work and dedication of those in the sector.

A huge thank you to Hannah and the Health and Care Portsmouth Team for sponsoring the Inspirational Role Model Award and Supporting the Inspirational Women of Portsmouth Awards 2023.

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