Pamodzi would love to introduce you to Hannah Murray, founder of Beautiful Mind Coaching, one of our award sponsors. 

As a Mental Health professional with a wealth of experience and knowledge in refocusing client mindsets, Hannah Murray is committed to supporting individuals conquer their own stresses & refocus them in a positive direction. 

After experiencing her own Mental Health challenges in her 20’s, Hannah decided to use what she had leant and experienced to build a support service which enabled her to aid others to do the same. The benefits of a support service for Hannah were invaluable, at the most vulnerable point of her life.

As an experienced coach, Hannah aids others to feel in control of their minds. Coaching is tailored to each client and offers access to the tools that enable us to become focused with confidence; stay positive and manage stress easier. 

Whether you’re looking to move forward positively, increase wellness, build self-confidence or reduce stress; Coaching can support your Mindset in a number of areas, such as; Anxiety, low mood, loss of identity, Trauma, overthinking, stress etc  gaining an understanding for the elements of your life which contribute to the feeling of overwhelm; mind drama, triggers, judgement, relationships, trauma etc whilst building mindfulness in as a direction of positive change. Mindset is everything.

Hannah believes anyone can gain the tools to control their mind but sometimes starting the journey of understanding you and processing emotions is the hardest part. 

As a coach, I guide & support our community to get their mindset to where they want to be. I am currently supporting our community by offering 1:1 Coaching, Workshops and Corporate support which is tailored to individual needs” Hannah Murray 

Hannah also offers Mental Health 101 Corporate Workshops to businesses with the intention of exploring the high profile topics linked to Mental Health such as: stress, negativity in the workplace, conflict, confidence, overwhelm, behaviours, effective communication and Mental Health Red Flags etc. By sharing professional techniques & strategies, she enables others to feel more confident in supporting others in the workplace and encourages positive conversation; building a wider awareness of Mental Health.

 With her 1:1 Coaching sessions Hannah works to dive deep and explore their mindset. Unleashing true vibrancy and creating a sense of calm. As an experienced coach, she aids & supports others to feel more in control of their minds; offering protected time to talk, building personal empowerment, self awareness and understanding. 

Despite living in an increasingly high pressure world, all of us, no matter the environment, should all have access to the tools that enable us to become focused with confidence, more positive and less stressed. 

Hannah is thrilled to be supporting Pamodzi in 2023,

Pamodzi is about Celebrating together. Celebrating the amazing women who have made a commitment and are passionate about making a difference in our community. To improve so many areas of our society, paving the way for the younger generations to know that celebrating each other is positive, it’s powerful, it’s inspiring & our community its never about comparing, it’s about working together!” Hannah Murray 

Many of the Pamodzi Inspirational Women of Portsmouth Award Nominees have overcome many challenges in life, challenges that often contribute to the creation of their projects, community work and businesses. Hannah’s biggest challenge in life, was hitting Mental Health crisis (suicidal). Her teenage years and early 20s were dark. She was impacted by the opinions and judgements of others . Hannah was very fortunate to grow up in a supportive, caring & loving home environment, my safe haven but it was all the other external factors that contributed to her feelings of self disapproval & hate; teachers, peers, friends, colleagues etc. Hannah built a false understanding of herself because who she wanted to be wasn’t enough for people. She wasn’t understood and was shamed for who she  wanted to be. Hannah feared being a disappointment and being unliked. 

When Hannah hit crisis she needed Mental Health treatment. It was that support & encouragement by professionals that made her realise that she wanted to do the same for others. Hannah started her career in NHS and subsequently, her coaching service because she wanted to become the role model that she needed, Hannah wanted to support others with self development and wanted others to know that if you are willing to do the hard work, there are strategies to aid a consistent positive mindset. Hannah wants to show everyone that we have bad days, but it doesn’t mean we have a bad life! 

Personally for Hannah, self development is on-going. It has taught her the true power of vulnerability. It has developed authentic happiness in her life and strengthened her resilience. It has allowed Hannah to feel free & confident to be herself, and it has taught her the beauty that is experience; it is in those times of challenge that we grow stronger.

We asked Hannah who inspires her,

I am inspired by many people. Our community is full of inspirational people who shine in their own right. Everyone comes with a story & it is their power to live despite their adversity that inspires me. I am so honoured and proud to be supporting a platform that celebrates how inspiring someone is. Roni & the Team have done such an amazing job at creating a successful, transparent, honest arena, highlighting the need to break society’s stereotypes and finally celebrate the great women we have in our community!” 

We asked Hannah who would be her most inspirational dinner guest past or present,

It would be Amelia Earhart who wasn’t afraid to break down barriers. She was the first woman to fly as a passenger across the Atlantic Ocean. Then, she became the first woman to pilot a plane across that ocean. There weren’t many female pilots back then, and her actions inspired other women to follow their dreams.”

Thank you so much to Hannah for being such a supporter of Pamodzi and sponsoring the Community Activism & Volunteering award.

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