Celebrating Community and Inspiration with Express FM at the Pamodzi Inspirational Women of Portsmouth Awards 2024

Pamodzi Inspirational Women of Portsmouth Awards 2024:

As the excitement builds for the Pamodzi Inspirational Women of Portsmouth Awards 2024, we’re thrilled to spotlight one of our award sponsors, Express FM. This local gem of a radio station has been amplifying the voices of Portsmouth since 2006 and continues to play a pivotal role in fostering community spirit. Join us on a journey to discover more about Express FM and their dedication to celebrating the extraordinary women of our city.

The Genesis of Express FM:

Born from a simple coffee conversation at the Solent Hotel in Whiteley, Express FM was founded in 2006 by Cheryl Buggy and Chris Carnegy. Identifying a gap in the community, they envisioned a radio station that would resonate with the heartbeat of Portsmouth. Today, Express FM stands as a beacon of community engagement, entertainment, inspiration, and education.

Ethos and Values:

At its core, Express FM is all about community. Their mission? To support, entertain, inspire, and educate the people of Portsmouth and its surrounding areas. This ethos shines through every broadcast, connecting listeners and giving voice to diverse stories that shape our city.

Commitment to the Inspirational Women of Portsmouth Awards:

Express FM’s sponsorship of the Inspirational Women of Portsmouth Awards is in its third year, a testament to their alignment with the event’s ethos. The station’s dedication to recognizing and celebrating the remarkable women of Portsmouth mirrors their own values. As Miles Henson, Station Director, puts it, “We are keen to recognize and celebrate the amazing women we have in our city.”

Empowering Local Women:

Beyond the airwaves, Express FM actively supports women and their organisations in Portsmouth. With hundreds of interviews each year, the station provides a platform for women to share their stories, achievements, and initiatives. Outside broadcasts, social media outreach, and a strong lineup of female presenters further underscore their commitment to women’s empowerment.

A Message to the Nominees and Attendees:

Miles Henson’s message to the nominees and attendees is one of pride and recognition: “Be proud of what you have achieved. It’s not about winning, but about being recognized for your passion, hard work, and commitment to our community. Congratulations to all for making a difference.”

Open Invitation from Express FM:

Express FM extends an open invitation to all attendees and supporters of the awards. “If you have a story that can inspire or educate, or if you’re organising an event for a good cause, get in touch with us,” encourages Henson. This invitation reflects their commitment to showcasing the diverse and colourful stories that make Portsmouth unique.

Join the Celebration:

As we gear up for the Pamodzi Inspirational Women of Portsmouth Awards on March 15th at the Portsmouth Guildhall, let’s remember the shared spirit that binds us. ‘I am because we are’ – this philosophy is at the heart of the awards and is echoed in the community-driven efforts of Express FM.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of this empowering event. Buy your tickets now at www.pamodzicreatives.com and join us in celebrating the inspirational women of our community. Let’s uplift and acknowledge those who inspire us every day, and remember, by supporting each other, we create a stronger, more vibrant Portsmouth.

Express FM’s involvement with the Pamodzi Inspirational Women of Portsmouth Awards is more than just a sponsorship; it’s a demonstration of their unwavering commitment to the community. Together, let’s make the 2024 awards a memorable celebration of the women who shape our city. Join us in this collective celebration, and stay tuned to Express FM for more inspiring stories from our community.