Pamodzi Inspirational Women of Portsmouth Awards are thrilled to welcome Dr Alisha Damani not only as an award sponsor but also as a Trailblazer for 2023.

Are you looking to take your performance to the next level? Look no further than the High Efficiency Club. Led by Dr. Alisha Damani, a Medical Doctor, High Performance Coach, TEDx Speaker and Wellness Entrepreneur, the High Efficiency Club is the revolutionary new hub for high performing leaders, entrepreneurs and individuals looking to raise the bar.

“At the High Efficiency Club, we believe that empowered health is the catalyst for exponential performance. We help our members achieve an elite level of performance both personally and professionally through the art and science of health-for-high-performance. The next level is where we *begin*, and we aim to shoot far beyond the moon.” Dr Alisha Damani.

Dr. Damani is dedicated to delivering talks and workshops on empowered wellbeing and high performance across local community groups and hospitals in Portsmouth. She is also teaming up with other inspirational women of Portsmouth to deliver the community’s first doctor-led business event – how to get more done in less time without burning yourself or your team to the ground. This event will be focused on how to quadruple your outputs by getting off the hamster wheel- driven through the foundations of health and performance: The High Efficiency Club.

Dr. Damani’s passion for giving back is also evident in her support of Pamodzi, an organisation focused on empowering women of today and tomorrow. Dr. Damani believes that by demonstrating to our future leaders what’s possible when a community of female leaders come together, we can create a brighter future for all.

Dr. Damani is no stranger to overcoming burnout and reinventing herself. She has had to let go of and re-create her identity, her career and her profession. But through it all, she has learned to trust in her unique journey and to understand who she is authentically. She inspires to grow and change, and embraces that change is the only constant.

Dr. Damani’s inspiration comes from her NHS team, who serve with compassion, love and support her in all her work. If she could have one inspirational dinner guest, past or present, it would be Arianna Huffington.

Thank you so much to Dr Alisha Damani for sponsoring the Established Business Award.

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